Anna is a Manager of Software Engineering / System Architect at PCCW Global, based in Brisbane, Australia.


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Anna's previous roles include: senior backend developer at Console Connect, senior software developer at the Institute for Social Science Research at The University of Queensland (UQ), Leximancer Pty Ltd, senior software developer (front end) with narratif and Technical Project Manager / Senior Software Engineer (full stack) with the ITEE eResearch Group at UQ. Anna also taught kids robotics and coding classes with Junior Engineers and was a tutor at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and UQ. Anna also regularly developed and facilitated workshops on topics including electronics, Arduino, CAD & 3D printing, coding, data visualisation and robotics.

Anna was previously a serial organiser of unconferences and hack events including CampJS, THATCamp (The Humanities and Technology) and MakerCamp. She was one of the organisers of the Brisbane Internet of Things (IoT) meetup and NodeBots AU and an author of Make: JavaScript Robotics. She was a local organiser for the Brisbane Maker node for GovHack 2016, an organiser of GovHack Brisbane 2014 and a community ambassador for the Open Knowledge Foundation from 2013 - 2014. Anna discovered the joys of hacking wireless routers and building DIY antennas through her role as President of Brismesh Inc. community wireless network group in the mid-2000s.

At ITEE eResearch, Anna developed data integration and spatio-statistical analysis services for the ARC-funded Midja Integrated Knowledge Base for Aboriginal Housing project. She also led the technical development of the AustESE project from 2012 - 2013, developing eResearch tools to support the collaborative authoring and management of electronic scholarly editions. As a member of the W3C Open Annotation Community Group and a Co-Principal Investigator on the Mellon-funded Open Annotation Collaboration from 2009 - 2013, Anna contributed to the development of the OA Data Model and produced tools and services to evaluate and demonstrate the applicability of the model in the context of collaborative scholarly editions. Also at UQ, from 2008 - 2011, Anna was the senior software engineer for the Aus-e-Lit project, developing eResearch services for teachers, researchers and scholars of Australian Literature. Anna also previously worked on the HarvANA: Harvesting and Aggregating Networked Annotations and AnnoCryst for PyMOL projects within the eResearch Group, and as a developer for AustLit.

Previously, Anna taught English in Japan, studied Computer-Assisted Composition of Adaptive Music at QUT, and worked as a research scientist / developer and technical trainer at the Distributed Systems Technology Centre (DSTC).

Selected employment history

Manager of Software Engineering / System Architect (previously Senior Developer)
2017 - ongoing
PCCW Global / Console Connect
System Architect for the Data and IoT Agile Release Train and Product Owner for the System Team. Certified SAFe 4 Architect, Product Owner/Product Manager, Agilist and Practitioner. Previously, technical lead for the API (Node.js, Express, Loopback, MongoDB, ElasticSearch)

Senior Developer
Institute for Social Science Research, UQ
Developing text analysis plugins for Kibana, for Hansard data.
(ElasticSearch, Kibana, Node.js, Angular, Webpack, Docker)

Casual Developer
2015 - 2016
Web / Node.js backend development.
(Node.js, React, AWS Lambda, Stripe, Auth0)

2016 - 2017
Junior Engineers
Teaching kids Python and Robotics coding

Workshop Facilitator
2012 - ongoing
Development and delivery of bespoke workshops
(JavaScript, Arduino, Mobile dev, 3D printing, Laser cutting etc)

Sessional Academic
Teaching Raspberry Pi and Processing

Senior Developer
2014 - 2015
Start-up, developing web-based tools to analyze complex data streams.
(Angular, React, Node.js, Ionic, Firebase, Auth0, ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, RethinkDB, Docker, AWS, Webpack)

Technical Project Manager
2011 - 2014
eResearch Lab, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE), The University of Queensland (UQ)
Technical lead for the Midja Integrated Knowledge Base on Aboriginal Housing. Development of web-based spatio-temporal data visualization and analysis tools.
(NodeJS, Angular, PostgreSQL, Redis, CartoDB, R, Python)

Technical lead for AustESE, a Workbench to support collaborative editing of scholarly editions.
(JQuery, Drupal, MongoDB, MySQL, ElasticSearch, OpenStack)

Co-PI on Open Annotation Collaboration (OAC) & contributor to Open Annotation W3C Community Group.
(Java, Tomcat, Spring, Sesame, MySQL, SPARQL, CoffeeScript)

Senior Software Engineer
2008 - 2011
eResearch ITEE UQ
Technical lead for the Aus-e-Lit project: developed data visualization, search, annotation and semantic web services for the Australian Literature Studies community
(Java, Tomcat, ExtJS, XUL, XTF, Oracle, Sesame)

Senior Research Assistant
2007 - 2008
AustLit / eResearch ITEE UQ
Developed annotation harvesting and aggregation tools and clients for HarvANA and AnnoCryst projects & web development, DB and System Admin for AustLit.
(HTML, JS, Python, C#, TCL/TK, Java, Tomcat, Oracle, Jena)

English Teacher
Nova Japan
Teaching English to kids and adults

Web Developer
2006 - 2007
eResearch ITEE UQ

QUT Creative Industries
Music and Sound Technology, Music and Sound for Multimedia
(ActionScript, Flash)

Research Scientist
2000 - 2005
Distributed Systems Technology Centre (DSTC)
Distributed systems research applied to modelling and generation of distributed enterprise applications. Contribution to OMG standardization process & proof of concept implementations. Development of model-driven-development tools, graphical editing environments for domain-specific models and model transformations. Technical training development and delivery.
(XSLT, Java, MOF, UML, EMF, Eclipse, Python, Prolog)

1998 - 2000
Software Process, Software Project Management, Software Engineering
(Smalltalk, Java)

Community highlights

  • CampJS organising team
  • Global Diversity CFP day mentor, 2018 -
  • Node Girls mentor 2017 - ongoing
  • Participant & winner at 48 hour game jam, QUT, 2016 (best graphics)
  • Django girls mentor, 2016
  • Organiser of International NodeBots day Brisbane events, 2013 – 2016
  • Brisbane Ambassador for the Open Knowledge Foundation, 2013 - 2014
  • Organiser of GovHack MakerNode 2016 and GovHack Brisbane 2014 & National prize winner at GovHack 2013 & GovHack 2012
  • Organiser of THATCamp (The Humanities and Technology unconference) 2012 & 2014, Disruptive Technology for Research Unconference 2013 and Brisbane MakerCamp
  • Founding President of Brismesh Inc. Community Wireless Network, 2003 - 2005