I've been learning the chords for some of my favourite songs on ukulele lately. I've made recording the songs part of my process - usually I'll pull up the chords online, play through a few times and then record it (mistakes and all) for my future reference. Here are some of the songs I've recorded lately:

Come wander with me This song comes from a surprising source - it's the main plot device from an old episode of the Twilight Zone.

Dream a Little Dream of Me - (the raw version without the monster filter) - This song is so sweet but I particularly love the Mama Cass version of this song.

Donna Donna - (also no monster filter) Such pathos. I can't help thinking of the tachikomas singing this as they went to be destroyed in Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex.

Who knows where the time goes I can never decide whether I like the Fairport Covention original or the Judy Collins version better - this one steals my favourite bits from both.

La Vie En Rose I always think of Audrey Hepburn singing La Vie En Rose in Sabrina, but I would mangle it in the original French. I have a music box from my youth that plays this song. Also Wall-E <3

Wild is the wind I love, love, love Nina Simone's version but this also one of my favourite Bowie songs. It's too far below my comfortable range to be able to sing it very well.

Unintended The lyrics with the uke chord chart I found had 'mending all the pieces' so I sang it that way despite years of singing along to the original as 'mending broken pieces' - then I listened to the original by Muse again and it's definitely 'broken' - so I guess I'll have to re-record this sometime.

Originally these were just for me but hey, why not share?